• We aim to eliminate litter from the world using the power of social media platform

    Pirika is an anti-litter social media platform used in 111 countries. The cumulative number of litter pieces picked up through Pirika is now over 210 million. Could you help our efforts to eliminate litter by joining us?

  • Smartphone app Pirika

    Pirika is a smartphone app

    that makes picking up litter fun!

    You can also access the Pirika web from browser.

  • Pirika for Companies and Organizations

    We can provide free data visualization services for the clean-up efforts of companies and other organizations. Over 1500 companies, organizations and governments have used the program.

  • Pirika for Local Communities

    We help to mobilize people for and otherwise invigorate clean-up efforts by developing websites that provide data visualization services for local clean-up efforts.


    List: Fukui Prefecture, Yokohama City, Okayama Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture, Izumiotsu City

  • Support Pirika

    Pirika is supported by a large number of companies, governments and other organizations. You can help us in many ways by advertising through Pirika, collaborating with us on clean-up campaigns, providing training and lecture opportunities to us, and undertaking joint research projects. Please contact us if your organization would like to support us.

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